• Up to 128 POS cameras on one server
  • Scalability: per 1 camera/cash register
  • Support for Microsoft SQL database
  • Product’s sales analysis



NET POS is paid addition to NetStation/NetHybridHD software designed to monitor cash registers, which enables a quick analysis of counter transactions and detection of any discrepancies. Tying the video image with the receipt allows for precise analysis of every transaction, which can be located through a search with any set of given parameters. NET POS is a part of Netstation/NetHybrid software, you need to buy additional license in order to use it.

Tải game VIP nổ chaiNET POS combines enterprise-class video management with intelligent software applications to help retailers cut losses from theft, oversee operations, improve service, and increase profits. Surveillance video with point-of-sale (POS) transaction data, alerts loss prevention staff and business owners to instances of potential theft, and reduces investigation time from hours to minutes.


Support for RS 232 (Alnet Sniffer) and LAN

Tải game VIP nổ chaiIt’s possible to use any type of cash register adding sniffer to transfer data into LAN and record it in NS database.

Registering and displaying data from POS cash registers

Operator will see all necessary information together with live video from different cash registers simultaneously in one layout.

Recording image of the transaction with a linked receipt

In order to avoid cashier mistakes and made record search easier we made receipt image interactive.

Advanced, multi-parameter event search function

Tải game VIP nổ chaiUser has possibility to set up manually variable combination of search filters in order to find recording we search in a moment.


Tải game VIP nổ chaiFilter by store and/or alarm type, and view alarm video from the vantage point of one or multiple cameras; export alarm details along with relevant video and audio evidence.


Review transaction data integrated with video to quickly investigate instances of
Tải game VIP nổ chai potential internal theft, and to evaluate employee behavior at POS.


Tải game VIP nổ chaiReview snapshots from the cameras at your stores to see what’s happening, and discern operational issues like store cleanliness, safety concerns, placement of promotional displays, etc.